About Us

Olcerler Textile was founded by Suleyman Olcer in 1991. In short time, it became the leading textile company with its quality of yarn, production capacity and vision. The factory of Olcerler Textile is established with the high technology in 2015. It aims to be innovative in fabric production.
Olcerler Textile is a worldwide company that collaborates with over 20 brands all over the world. Olcerler Textile has two showrooms in Istanbul. One of them is in Merter, other one is in Osmanbey. Factory of Olcerler takes place in Kütahya. It produces yarn dye and jacquard with high quality standards. It employs 300 employees which is quite important for Turkey’s employment.
Olcerler Textile has a capacity to weave 1 million meter fabric in a month. The best part of the woven fabrics is 100 cotton. Besides, it produces cotton-linen, 100 linen, viscose, Lycra, silk, denim.
All fabrics that produced in Olcerler Textile is eco-friendly and 100 organic. We produce fabrics with GOTS certificate. Besides Olcerler Textile has accreditation in Inditex Laboratory.