Production Facility

Olcerler textile factory has found in March 25, 2015. It’s established on 25.000 m2 closed area in Kutahya Organized Industry Site. Factory is fully equipped with latest high technology machines and serves clients high end fabrics. Olcerler textile aims to fill the gap in Textile industry and full filled its mission in a short time. With its quality and huge shirting fabric range such as cotton, cotton lycra, cotton-linen, 100 linen, Cotton-Polly etc, Olcerler Textile serves both domestic and international markets.

The factory has a 15000 mt shirting fabric capacity per day with 40 picanol opmax and 40 itema R9500 weaving loom. Looms have 220 cm width.. While all looms have got dobbies system, 2 of them have got Staubli jacquard machines. Furthermore 14 looms are double beam which beneficial for us to weave all type of fabrics such as plisse etc…

We are also strong on weaving preparation We have got

2 karlmayer nom warping conical
1 karlmayer ergotex warping conical
1 karlmayer sizing machine
2 SSM 96 units paint conic transfer(soft winding)
2 Milhan 72 units hard winding

Yarn dyed department started production on November 2017 , Factory became stronger with both small and huge boiler, our factory is faster than before with this flexibility..

Our boilers are completely THIES. Our boiler lists are

-59 kg coupled boilers 1 set
-225kg boilers
-350 kg boilers
-2100 kg boilers
-1200 kg boilers
-1500 kg boilers
-1500 kg pressure drying

Except this in the yarn dyed laboratory has got 200 gr and 1 Kg sample painting machines ATAC and automatic lab pipetting system with 120 glasses Eliar. These are providing more faster..

Our yarn dyeing organization has also technological system of Osmos which provides constant Ph degree and it blocks bicarbonate and electronically conductivity. It decreases error margin automatically. Our all products are produced hands free with 32 tank chemical and salt- soda automation. Orgatex-setex. This technology initializes human error. Technology become 100 trustable with semiautomatic dyeing weighing machine. Orgatex system audits all dyeing machines all day and report all the process. Not only provides trustable products but also environmentally conscious. By refining our waste water in our 1000m3 capacity treatment unit, we are highly conscious about our environment. Our all production process is eco-friendly.

Our planned investments for future

80 weaving looms
1 conical warping
1 series warping
1 sizing machines
2 96 units soft widing machines
2 72 units hard widing machines
1 driving machine
1 knot machine
2 25 kg paint boiler
2 50 kg paint boiler
1 100 kg paint boiler
1 200 kg paint boiler
1 500 kg paint boiler

With those investments, our production capacity will increase to 30000mt2 fabrics per day and our yarn dyeing unit will support production with 5250kg per day. Regarding this, we will become one of the biggest high tech factory in Turkey and Europe.